Workout tracker for those serious about strength training

Log exercises, sets, and weights with ease

Capturing exercises, sets, reps, and weight lifted can be a pain. Gains aims to provide the best experience to save time, and create focus on training.

Guide reps and weight progression in

Remembering previous reps and weight lifted for exercises is distracting and can limit progress. Gains shows you reps, weights and trends for each exercise as you log.

Overall performance analytics + muscle groups and exercises

Figuring out progress is tricky. We either think we're making no progress or we think we're gaining more than we actually are. Gains provides deep analytics on overall performance, muscle group specific performance, and performance per exercise - including:

  • Total sets

  • Total reps

  • Max weight (Personal best)

  • Total weight moved

  • Trend charts: Maximum reps and weight

  • Most recent rep and weight maxes

Compare performance between workouts

Remembering previous sets, reps, and weight limits growth. Compare performance between workouts and when you achieve personal bests.

Create and evolve routines as you go

Remembering what exercise to do when and how often can create imbalance in our workouts and waste time. Create routines for push, pull, legs, or a highly customised regime specific to you.

Everything you need, nothing you don't

Gains aims to be a simple to use yet powerful tool to measure progress with weight training. Most apps try to do too much, Gains won't:

  • Try to be your personal training

  • Try to be your dietician

  • Try to know what's best for you

Available on iPhone and Android

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